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Do - It - Yourself Pet Wash

Do – It – Yourself pet wash provides everything to wash and dry your pets.

Dog Grooming

Our full service dog grooming service. We groom small and medium dogs up to 50 lbs.

Pet Foods

We carry premium, holistic, natural dog and cat foods as well as treats, kibble, canned, raw, frozen and freeze dried.

RAW Food Available!

We carry a full range of RAW Frozen foods for your pets.

Local Pet Food & Dog Grooming

I proudly sell only quality, holistic, human-grade pet food containing no by-products; my pets eat this exclusively and their quality of life has never been better. I want others pets to experience the improvements my own pets have. In addition to our quality pet food selection, we offer do-it-yourself pet grooming with everything provided to wash and dry your pets.

Satisfied Customers

We always take our dogs to Faith’s to have their nails clipped; it’s quick and very inexpensive! Our dogs are small enough to be bathed in our bathtub at home but if they weren’t, we’d definitely come to Classi Clips and use their self-wash. We’ve known Faith for years; she’s kind, honest and very trustworthy.

Google User

They were so caring with my pit bull. Was glad to see they didn’t discriminate against my breed of dog. They were extra careful in tending to her needs as she was very anxious.

Jennifer W

I took my two golden retrievers here today and it was such a great experience. They showed me the best way to get my dogs clean and provided the shampoo, towel, and blow drying. They also got a sample of some good food and a couple bandannas to wear. I will definitely be going back. It was very clean in there and you can tell that they love what they do and make sure the dogs feel right at home. It was a very welcoming experience!

Shelbey B

Expert pet advice from our blog

Why Holistic Pet Food?

Why Holistic Pet Food?

Lower quality dog food options focus on low-cost production costs which result in lower quality ingredients. And similar to people, when poor quality food is consumed, overall nutrition is poor and general health suffers. So when dogs are fed diets filled with poor...

Bathing Your Pet

Bathing Your Pet

Bathing is one more opportunity for a positive interaction with your dog that will work toward strengthening your human-animal bond and it removes dirt and odors from skin and coat. Additionally, frequent bathing can help heal inflamed or infected skin and can help...

Grooming Your Pet

Grooming Your Pet

Dogs need a nail trim about once a month. Nail trimming is a dreaded task for most pet owners and some dogs may not like the process and you can end up cutting the nail too short. We know how to help your dog become comfortable and cooperative and cut the nails to the...