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Why does Faith sell dog and cat food? About 16 years ago I had some health issues. I was coughing a lot and didn’t want to go to the doctor as I was thinking the worst, so I decided to go to a Naturopathic Clinic where they treated me holistically and I learned that I had yeast in my lungs and that by not eating a few things, mainly wheat and sugar, I quit coughing and lost 15 pounds. Not long after that, I attended a dog show in Helena, MT where I met a dog and cat food distributor who was selling human grade dog and cat food with no by-products, wheat, or soy and I thought I would give it a try. My dogs and cat had a much healthier coat, no gas, no bad breath, and less shedding. When I ran out of that food I called the distributor and asked where I could get the food. It was not available in Billings so he asked if I would be interested in selling the food; the rest is history.

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Faith Syndergaard

Faith Syndergaard

Owner of Classi Pet Center

The most rewarding part of selling human grade food is when pet owners see the improvement to their dogs and cats lives: less shedding, shiny coats, less ear infections, not licking their feet, less allergies, better breath, and more energy than when they were being fed their old food that contained by-products (chicken-by-products can contain feathers, beaks, and ingredients that are not human grade). Clients are also feeding about 1/3 less so the cost is less in the long run and have fewer vet bills with pets living longer and healthier when fed a human grade diet. Come in to Classi Pet Center and we will help you choose a pet food that is right for your dog or cat.